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Electrostatic painting is based on the principal of magnetism; opposites attract. The object to be painted is grounded or given a negative charge. The paint is given a positive charge and atomized in a special revolving disc. Instead of being blown on using compressed air, the paint is actually sucked onto the surface to be painted. The electrostatic refinishing method involves charging the paint particles and the surface to be coated with opposite electrical charges, ensuring an even and smooth application. The object attracts the paint just like a magnet attracts metal.

Electrostatic painting has many advantages over other types of paint spray applications. The system is a highly efficient technology for the application of paint to specific workpieces, minimizing over-spray.

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Note: A minimum order size of $1,500 is required to cover setup and preparation of projects.

Chicago Property Electrostatic Refinishing
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Electrostatic Refinishing for Fences by New Finish Electrostatic Refinishing

Welcome to New Finish Electrostatic Refinishing, your head objective for top-quality electrostatic refinishing fences services. We spend significant time in changing and reviving fences to improve their sturdiness, appearance, and life span. Find the advantages of our imaginative methodology and perceive how we can make your fences look shiny new.

What is Electrostatic Refinishing?

Electrostatic refinishing fences is a cutting-edge technique that uses the power of electrostatic charges to apply paint or coating to a surface. This cycle includes charging the paint particles and the item being painted with inverse electrical charges, guaranteeing that the paint is drawn to the surface with negligible overspray. This technique is exceptionally productive, harmless to the ecosystem, and gives a better finish looked at than conventional painting methods.

Benefits of Electrostatic Refinishing for Fences

Enhanced Durability

One of the essential benefits of electrostatic refinishing is the upgraded toughness it gives. The electrostatic interaction guarantees an even and careful use of paint, making areas of strength for a with the wall surface. This outcomes in a finish that is impervious to chipping, stripping, and blurring, guaranteeing your wall stays in top condition for quite a long time into the future.

Superior Finish Quality

Electrostatic refinishing fences deliver a smooth, even, and consistent finish that is difficult to achieve with conventional painting techniques. The electrostatic fascination guarantees that the paint folds over the whole surface of the wall, covering even difficult-to-arrive regions and mind boggling subtleties. The outcome is a faultless, proficient grade finish that upgrades the general stylish allure of your wall.

Eco-Friendly Solution

At New Finish Electrostatic Refinishing, we are focused on naturally mindful practices. Our electrostatic refinishing process limits overspray, decreasing paint squander and natural effect. Also, the coatings we use are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making them more secure for both our experts and the climate.

Cost-Effective and Time-Efficient

One shrewd solution for fixing and keeping up with walls is electrostatic refinishing. You can partake in your rejuvenated wall sooner on account of the proficient application strategy, which additionally decreases work expenses and individual time limitations. Long haul support and repainting costs will likewise be diminished because of the solid finish given by electrostatic refinishing.

Our Process

Assessment and Preparation

Our group of specialists starts by evaluating the state of your wall and deciding the best methodology for refinishing. We carefully spotless and set up the surface to guarantee the ideal bond of the new covering. Any fundamental fixes are made to ensure a smooth and even finish.

Electrostatic Application

Utilizing best in class electrostatic gear, we apply the picked covering to your wall. The electrostatic cycle guarantees a uniform and exact application, even in testing regions. Our accomplished experts screen the interaction near accomplish the most ideal outcomes.

Final Inspection

After the covering has been applied and relieved, we lead a careful review to guarantee the finish fulfills our high guidelines. We address any final details or changes expected to convey a perfect outcome. Your fulfillment is our main concern, and we invest wholeheartedly in surpassing your assumptions.

Why Choose New Finish Electrostatic Refinishing?

At New Finish Electrostatic Refinishing, we combine expertise, innovation, and a commitment to quality to provide exceptional electrostatic refinishing services for fences. Our talented professionals utilize the most recent methods and gear to convey remarkable outcomes that improve the excellence and solidness of your fences. Trust us to revive your fences with a finish that endures over the extreme long haul.

Contact us today to learn more about our electrostatic refinishing services and to schedule a consultation. Let New Finish Electrostatic Refinishing bring new life to your fences and improve the curb appeal of your property.