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As the foremost electro painting service providing electrostatic painting to clients in the State of Michigan for over 30 years, New Finish Electrostatic Refinishing is recognized for having the highest-skilled technical professionals and proficient experts.  Not only are we well-respected for paying close attention to the needs of our clients and determining what their electro painting project objectives are, but we strive to always focus on maintaining their goals.  The owner of New Finish, James Heard, has the reputation of being an accomplished entrepreneur.  Because he has cultivated solid relationships with his clients, they, in turn, have not only continued on as faithful customers, but they have also referred new customers to New Finish.  This is all due to the fact that we not only meet our customers’ expectations with our electrostatic painting services, but we surpass them!  Our electro painting procedure is considered to be the most efficient process for the application of paint.  It has countless benefits over other types of paint application.  As a result, New Finish’s electro painting service is the preferred choice of clients from all across Michigan.

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Michigan customers are big fans of New Finish Electrostatic Refinishing.  Our Michigan customers understand that electrostatic painting has numerous advantages over other kinds of paint application.  Our process involve giving the object to be painted a negative charge.  Because the paint we use has a positive charge, the object pulls the paint onto it like a magnet attracts metal.  No wonder that whenever Michigan homeowners and business owners are searching for the best electrostatic painters in the State, the only name they need to know is New FinishMichigan residents are also aware that our electrostatic painters are the best in the industry.  This is the reason Michigan customers come to us for all of their electrostatic painting needs.  As one of the leading electro painting companies, we have an unmatched team of electro painting specialists and unparalleled professionals who possess an unusually diversified background in electro painting services.

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Although a significant number of New Finish Electrostatic Refinishing’s clientele has always been composed of Fortune 500 companies, a considerable number of our business involves working with customers like you!  From school systems to country clubs; small businesses; large corporations; individual homeowners; architects; grocery stores; shopping centers; libraries; OEM distributors; manufacturers; park districts; health clubs; construction companies; bars and restaurants; golf courses; and hospitals, we handle all levels of unique property, building, machinery and facility management applications of electro painting.  Moreover, complete customer satisfaction is New Finish’s top priority.  To learn more about our remarkable electrostatic painting services, call us, today, at: (312) 502-4738.

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