Chicago Office Electrostatic Painting

We specialize in many different kinds of Office Building applications. If you ever think about where to buy office furniture give us a chance to make your dream workplace possible. Below are some examples of different materials to consider in your Project.

  • Metal Office Furniture
  • Metal File Cabinets
  • Misc. Storage Cabinets
  • Elevators & Staircases
  • Balconies & Handrails
  • Door / Window Frames
  • HVAC Housings
  • Restroom Partitions
    • Lab Equipment
    • Ornamental Iron
    • Mail Room Equipment
    • Metal Office Cabinets
    • Office File Cabinets Metal

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Note: A minimum order size of $1,500 is required to cover setup and preparation of projects.

Chicago Property Electrostatic Refinishing
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Office Buildings Electrostatic Refinishing Services

Welcome to New Finish Electrostatic Refinishing, your chief decision for changing places of business with cutting edge electrostatic refinishing services. We work in renewing office interiors, giving a new, solid, and expert finish that upgrades the two styles and usefulness.

What is Electrostatic Refinishing?

Modern techniques like electrostatic refinishing are utilized to provide various surfaces a uniform, smooth coat of paint or coating. This cycle ensures a consistent and reliable finish by using electrically charged particles to adhere paint to metal surfaces. It’s especially powerful for office conditions where top caliber, sturdy finishes for things like metal office cabinets are fundamental.

Benefits of Electrostatic Refinishing for Office Buildings

Electrostatic refinishing offers numerous advantages for office buildings, making it the preferred choice for property managers and business owners. Here are some key benefits, especially for office file cabinets metal and other fixtures:

Durability and Longevity: The electrostatic cycle guarantees areas of strength between the paint and the surface, bringing about a finish that endures everyday mileage, keeping up with its appearance for a really long time, not at all like a few choices from where to buy office furniture.

Cost-Effective: It is much of the time more savvy to restore as opposed to displacing existing foundations and surfaces. For a little piece of the cost of purchasing new, electrostatic revamping can resuscitate parts, entryways, metal office cabinets, and office furniture.

Minimal Disruption: The electrostatic cycle is speedy and productive, limiting margin time for your office. Our gathering works with you to design administrations at helpful times, guaranteeing your undertakings, including restoring office file cabinets metal, happen easily.

Environmentally Friendly: By selecting to refinish as opposed to supplant, you add to manageability by decreasing waste. Moreover, the real collaboration communicates less unpredictable natural mixtures (VOCs), propelling a superior indoor environment.

Aesthetic Appeal: Achieve a smooth, capable look with our first rate wraps up. Whether you really want to revive your office’s assortment plot or reestablish worn surfaces to their special radiance, our administrations convey vital results.

Our Services

At New Finish Electrostatic Refinishing, we offer a thorough scope of services custom fitted to meet the novel necessities of office structures:

Office Furniture Refinishing

Renew your office furniture, including work areas, file organizers, and metal seats, with our master refinishing services. Our electrostatic covering process guarantees a perfect, factory-like finish, giving your office a strong and modern look.

Metal Door and Frame Refinishing

High-traffic areas such as doors and frames can become worn and scratched over time. Our electrostatic refinishing service restores these elements to their original condition, enhancing the overall appearance of your office space.

Elevator Doors and Trim

Elevator entryways and trim are many times the initial feeling visitors have of your office. Guarantee they have a constructive outcome with our refinishing services, which convey a cleaned and proficient finish.

Architectural Metal Refinishing

From railings to window frames, our electrostatic refinishing services extend to all types of architectural metal elements. We provide a durable and attractive finish that complements your office’s design.

Why Choose New Finish Electrostatic Refinishing?

Choosing New Finish Electrostatic Refinishing means selecting a partner dedicated to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Here’s what sets us apart:

Expertise and Experience: Our team of skilled professionals has extensive experience in electrostatic refinishing, ensuring exceptional results for every project.

Customized Solutions: We realize that each office building is unique. Our services are tailored to your unique requirements, guaranteeing a personalized approach to handling every project.

Commitment to Excellence: We utilize hands down the best materials and the furthest down the line strategies to convey predominant finishes that surpass your assumptions.

Competitive Pricing: We offer competitive pricing without settling for less on quality, making it simple for you to upgrade your office climate moderately.

Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our top need. We work intimately with you during the cycle to guarantee the end-product lines up with your vision.

Our Process

Our electrostatic refinishing process is designed to be efficient and hassle-free:

Consultation: We start with an exhaustive consultation to understand your necessities and evaluate the surfaces to be refinished.

Preparation: Our group cautiously readies the region, guaranteeing all surfaces are spotless and prepared for refinishing.

Application: Utilizing progressed electrostatic hardware, we apply the covering equitably, accomplishing a smooth and strong finish.

Inspection and Cleanup: Following the application, we oversee a guided inspection to verify quality and carry out a focused cleanup, leaving your office spotless.

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Prepared to change your office working with our electrostatic refinishing services? Contact New Finish Electrostatic Refinishing today to plan a consultation. Our well disposed group is here to respond to your inquiries and give the solutions you really want to establish an expert and welcoming office climate..