Add our University to the list of those who have had the good fortune of working with the staff of New Finish Electrostatic.

Back in 1986-87, they introduced the concept of Electrostatic Painting to our campus; and over the years have saved our school tens of thousands dollars.

We have had our office furniture (metals file cabinets, book cases, desk file cabinets, etc.) painted, our toilet partitions, school lockers, along with heat and air ducts have all been refinished with new colors by New Finish.

When we discovered that the Electrostatic Process would save us two thirds of our furniture budget over buying new furniture, we saw it as a real option. The very best part of Electrostatic Painting is that you don’t have to move or empty your furniture. New Finish simply comes in on an evening or a weekend and you come back to work on Monday to a “Brand New Office.”We are proud to recommend New Finish for your Electrostatic needs.

Aubrey Mac Connel
Illinois State University

Allstate has contracted New Finish, Inc. to electro statically paint hundreds of file cabinets at various locations over the past few years.

They have always done a professional job and Allstate recommends their services. Please feel free to call for any further information.

Kathy Basgall
Property Specialist

Allstate Insurance

To Whom it may concern,

This letter pertains to work done by New Finish for the Decatur Park District, Decatur, IL.
In 2010. We have been very happy with the refinish job Jim Heard and his crew did on our lockers, New Finish saved us a good deal of money, they were very neat, we had a hard time scheduling the work, they were more than helpful with our problem. They came in did their work and moved on.

The lockers look like new, we are very particular with our equipment, when they were finished we were very pleased with their service, They were able to save us a good deal of money and alt of time not having to remove and install new lockers.


Don Crisup
Maintenance Supervisor

In 2012 we decided to do a shop make over at Rexam Mold Manufacturing. I went on line and started researching Electrostatic painters. I chose three and had them all come in and discussed the project with them. I took pictures of the items that I wanted painted and asked all three of them to quote the work. We were looking for quality, safety, warranty and pricing. We chose New Finish. Jim Heard and his crew have done a great job in helping our shop look fresh and new. New Finish, for the most part, not only had the best pricing, but also stood behind their work. We had some trouble deciding a final color and Jim offered to paint several items as a sample until we found the one we went with. They have worked around our schedule to keep the painting from disrupting our everyday business. They also would prep during the day and paint after hours or on weekends. The items that were painted vary in size shape and form and this was never an issue. They even painted some wooden item for us and supplied us with touch up paint if needed. We are very happy with the work so far and are using them monthly for additional items as they arise. We also had a machine painted and several customers have asked us if the machine was new.

Jack Fiorito

We were very pleased with the quality and efficiency of the work done by New Finish Electrostatic Painting and their friendly, professional service.
They coordinated our project over five different work sites and brought the work in on time and within our budget constraints.

Barrington Area Library
Karen McBride

To Whom It May Concern,

I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Jim Heard and his company New
Finish Electrostatic Refinishing. If I were to rate the work that was done for us this past summer
on a scale of 1 – 10 it would definitely be a 10+.
Jim worked around our hectic construction schedule, made our Middle School lockers
look brand new, and suggested other painting (handrails and wall grates) that have made a huge
difference in the appearance of that school. His employees were great at getting their job done
without causing any extra cleanup by our staff and were always willing to move to other areas
when we needed them to.
I do hope that we are lucky enough in the future to have New Finish do Additional work
for us at our other schools when needed.

Ken Young
Maintenance Supervisor

Downers Grove Grade School District 58

To whom it may concern,

This letter pertains to work done by New Finish for Rig Source Inc. New Finish Electrostatic, Inc. was contracted to paint an Atlas Copco RD20 drill rig on site for one of our customers & they did an outstanding job. The crew was courteous, clean, very meticulous, and fast! They were on time every day and stayed within budget. I can’t say enough good things about New Finish Electrostatic and their team of painters! We are so happy with the work they performed. I would be happy to speak to anyone wanting a reference. THANK YOU Jim Heard owner of New Finish Electrostatic

Joey Giannetto
Service Manager | Rig Source, Inc.
Direct: 630.948.4809 | Main: 630.365.1649 | Fax: 630.365.4801 |

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