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For over three and a half decades, New Finish Electrostatic Refinishing has been providing the most exceptional electro painting services to clients throughout the country.  Electrostatic painting is well known as a revolutionary process that is comprised of applying paint to objects that are grounded and have a negative charge with paint that has a positive charge.  Consequently, an electrostatic field is created and the object to be painted pulls the paint onto its surface by means of magnetic attraction.  New Finish’s electro painting is regarded as being superior to most spray paint applications.  For example, the paint is not blown onto the surface of the object to be painted with electrostatic painting.  Also, electro painting reduces over-spray and prevents waste.  Furthermore, not only is the electrostatic painting process more cost-conscious, but it is a more effective and resilient process, while being more environmentally friendly.  It comes as no surprise that countless businesses and homeowners, throughout the State of Iowa, have reached out to New Finish for its unmatched and reasonably-priced electro painting.

Iowa Electro Painting Companies

Iowa businesses and individual residents consistently choose the high quality electro painting services from New Finish.  Many Iowa companies select us as their electro painting specialists because our products are distinguished as being the best available.  In addition, our employees are also recognized for being highly-competent and outstanding technicians in the electrostatic painting industry by Iowa clients.  In fact, New Finish’s Iowa customers can always count on us to:

  • Listen to their needs;
  • Understand their goals;
  • Help them achieve their goals; and
  • Deliver the best electro painting services.

Iowa Electro Painting Service

We are also renowned for always pleasing our customers’ needs!  New Finish Electrostatic Refinishing has the reputation for serving:  architects; bars and restaurants; construction companies; country clubs; golf courses; grocery stores; health clubs; hospitals; individual homeowners; large corporations; libraries; manufacturers; OEM distributors; park districts; school systems; shopping centers; and small businesses, to name a few.  Not surprising, most of our clients of today are referrals from past clients.  That’s because, customer satisfaction is our top priority.  In addition to being good listeners and concentrating on our clients’ goals, New Finish is also acclaimed as always striving to offer the best electro painting services to our clients besides always surpassing their expectations.  If you would like to know more about our electrostatic painting services, call New Finish today at: (312) 502-4738.

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