Chicago Specialty Items

New Finish specializes in many different kinds of unique and special applications. These special applications provide a more broad array of materials and projects that do not come to mind often. Below are some examples of different materials to consider in your Project.

  • Emergency Fire Escape stair structures
  • Metal Roofing
  • Train Station Deposes
  • Facility Steel and iron works
  • Indoor/Outdoor Food Courts
  • Bar/Restauraunt seating
  • Golf Course Facilities
  • Metal Storage Facilities
  • Store Front items
  • Construction Equipment
    • Water Towers
    • Bridge Refurbishing
    • Steel Underpass Refurbishing
    • Train Engine Refurbishing
    • Train Car Refurbishing

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Note: A minimum order size of $1,500 is required to cover setup and preparation of projects.

Chicago Property Electrostatic Refinishing
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