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New Finish Electrostatic Refinishing has been successfully serving clients throughout the United States for more than three decades. Electrostatic painting is based upon the principals of magnetism – opposites attract – and it has many advantages over other types of spray paint application. The object that is being painted by New Finish’s electrostatic painters is grounded and assigned a negative charge, while the paint is given a positive charge. As a result, with electrostatic painting, the paint is not blown onto the object’s surface with compressed air; the paint is actually drawn to the surface of the object by the electrostatic charge, just like a magnet attracts metal. Further, the electro painting process is a highly efficient system for the application of paint that minimizes over-spray. Consequently, it is not surprising that our clients in Indianapolis prefer the electro painting service at New Finish to anything our competition has to offer!

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Indianapolis, Indiana, is the capital of and the most populous city in the state with a population of more than 844,000 residents. It is also the County Seat of Marion County. However, Indianapolis’ Greater Metropolitan Statistical Area has more than 1.8 million and the Combined Statistical Area has over two million residents. Both Forbes and consider Indianapolis as having “One of the Best Downtowns in the United States.” The citizens of Indianapolis have excellent tastes and great Midwestern standards, so that whenever they are looking for the leading electro painting service in the Midwest, the only name they need to know is New Finish! Indianapolis residents also understand that although there are countless reasons for selecting New Finish for all of their electro painting needs, one of the best reasons is our employees! We have an exceptional team of technical experts and highly-experienced professionals who possess a diversified background in the electro painting industry.

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Even though much of New Finish Electrostatic Refinishing’s clientele consists of Fortune 500 companies, we also do considerable business with people just like you! We work for a vast array of individuals and companies, including: school systems; country clubs; small businesses; large corporations; individual homeowners; architects; grocery stores; shopping centers; libraries; OEM distributors; manufacturers; park districts; health clubs; construction companies; bars and restaurants; golf courses; and hospitals; to name a few. It goes without saying that a considerable number of New Finish’s clients are the result of referrals from former satisfied customers. That’s because we are well-known for being good listeners; understanding the objectives of your electrostatic painting project; and endeavoring to deliver the best solutions and exceeding all of your expectations. We are well aware that our success rests entirely upon your complete satisfaction. For more information about our outstanding electro painting services, call New Finish today at: (312) 502-4738.

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