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For over 34 years, New Finish Electrostatic Refinishing has been accepted as the renowned provider of electrostatic painting for clients across the country.  Electrostatic painting is identified as a procedure whereby objects are painted using the principals of magnetism – opposites attract!   In addition, electro painting has substantial advantages over spray paint application.  Accordingly, with electrostatic painting, the paint is drawn toward the surface by an electrostatic charge such as when a magnet attracts metal, in other words, the paint is not blown onto the surface.  New Finish’s electro painting process is a highly efficient method of applying paint that reduces over-spray.  That’s why so many businesses and individuals from South Carolina clients prefer the electro painting specialists from New Finish to the competition!

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South Carolina is no stranger to revolutionary concepts and advancement, so it makes perfect sense that New Finish would see so many residents and businesses inclined to embrace the sophisticated technology of electrostatic painting.  There are considerable justifications for South Carolina customers picking us for their electrostatic painting needs, but, best of all, New Finish is well-known for having the most extraordinary team of exceptional professionals who work for them!   Besides their incredible talent and expertise, our New Finish team:

  • Listens to what South Carolina clients want and need;
  • Learns what our South Carolina clients’ goals are;
  • Works with our South Carolina clients’ goals in mind; and
  • Applies specialized solutions to our South Carolina clients’ electro painting projects.

South Carolina Electro Painting Service

Even though New Finish Electrostatic Refinishing’s clientele used to be made up of predominately Fortune 500 companies, we have branched out considerably over the past years and now do business with customers just like you!  We cater to a variety of institutions and companies, such as: architects; bars and restaurants; construction companies; country clubs; golf courses; grocery stores; health clubs; hospitals; individual homeowners; large corporations; libraries; manufacturers; OEM distributors; park districts; school systems; shopping centers; and small businesses.  Further, many of New Finish’s customers come from referrals from former clients.  That’s because customer satisfaction is our top priority!  We are proud of the fact that we are good listeners, we pay close attention to our clients’ goals for their projects; and we always endeavor to offer the best electro painting services and continuously surpass our clients’ expectations.  To find out more about what New Finish can do for you, call us today at: (312) 502-4738.

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